We are a small textile project based out of Muzki, a tiny beautifull village in the Gesalatz valley.

We design and produce timeless contemporary long lasting pieces for everyday's comfort life.

Our garments are made with 100% natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, linen or wool from our local suppliers.

Our production is entirely made in Navarre, a region in the North of Spain. 

This is how we work:

Twice a year we design a proposal catalog that we present to our clients.

Our production goes to small selected boutiques around the world.

We produce the exact number of pieces that our clients order so we avoid massproductions and we guarantee quality and exclusivity.

We don't have stock so if you order one of our pieces online it will be proudly made for you.

We don't do sales. Our garments are very limited and consciously made one by one. 

We are proud to create respectful, conscious, sustainable and ethically made clothes the same way small family owned companies did before the establishment of fast fashion consumerism. 


If you want to say Hi or be part of our newsletter please email us at: workersnobility@gmail.com




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