Worker's Nobility

Worker's shirt

This is a 100% linen shirt.

A relaxed fit designed for maximum comfort.

This shirt follows a very interesting traditional design. 

In the old days fabric was very expensive compare to human labor. Our previous generations developed a system where they achieved almost zero waste of the fabric. This is as simple as avoiding the use of curves. The sleeves are made with a rectangle and a square shape. 
This special system is present all around the world in folkloric clothing. The idea of having a conscious use of resources is being with as since ever! 


All of our pieces are made in our small facility in Pamplona-Iruña. We carefully produce all of our garments in small batches.  

We only work with natural fibers from our local suppliers. This shirt is made out of natural 100% stone-washed linen. It's selected to feel extremelly comfortable in your body. 

It can be machine wash at cold temperature with mild soap and gentle program.

150.00 EUR

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